SURFCITY FESTIVAL / MARCH 1, 2017 / by Julian Martin


Excited to have been invited to join  a long list of international artists for a group show in Barcelona, Spain. If your in the area please come check it out! 

"SURFCITY FESTIVAL is a multidisciplinary art festival under the concept SURF versus CITY, that is, the contrast of nature (Surf / Sport / Adventure) with the city (Urban / Work / Services), two antonyms that merge into one Space to give inspiration to all the participating artists in the multiple activities programmed. The program groups disciplines such as music, design, photography, surfboard making, skateboarding, sculpture, painting, illustration, performances and live art, cinema ... all of them form the central axis of the festival And are complemented by other activities, with professionals in the sector, such as talks, conferences and workshops. Young national and international talents will bring their particular artistic vision of this peculiar lifestyle, surfing. The Festival aims to show through art that momentum of survival that brings surf versus the city."